Thank you for submitting your papers to MVIP2015. Please read the following guidlinesbefore submitting the camera-ready versions of your papers.

  • Papers should be no longer than 4 pages. Additional pages (up to 2) will be charged at 500,000 Rials (50,000 Tomans) rate for each page, after receiving the acceptance to be published.
  • All the papers submitted to MVIP2015 will be checked by the software indicating plagiarism before the reviewing process.
  • The English abstract for all the papers (Farsi or English) is required.

According to the policy of the conference and in order to prevent receiving the papers with low quality, the authors need to pay 600,000 Rials (60,000 Tomans) for submitting each paper. In case of the acceptance, this amount will be deducted from the total registration fee. If the paper is rejected by the conference committee, there will be no refund of this amount unless one of the authors of the rejected paper wants to participate in the conference.

The paper submission steps are as follows:

1- Signing up at the conference site.
2- Uploading the receipt of the payment of 60,000 Toman as the reviewing charge.
3- Specifying the main topic (track) of the paper and 2 subordinate topics for each paper.
4- Uploading the PDF file of the full paper (regardless of preparing it at latex or word format).
5- Copying the English abstract of (Farsi & English) papers in the conference site.

Payment Guidelines:

Please pay 600,000 Rials (60,000 Tomans) to cover the reviewing costs using one of the following methods of payments and upload the scanned receipt in the conference management website:
  • Using the ATM system through the card number: 6037991199509955
  • Paying to the SIBA account number 0105565890002 (the Iranian Society of Machine Vision & Image Processing) in the Melli Bank branches.
  • Using Internet via SHEBA number IR580170000000105565890002 (SATNA).

Paper preparation:

Microsoft Word 2003 LaTeX Archive Contents (PDF, 63 KB) LaTeX (Bibliography Files)*
US letter (DOC, 58 KB) Unix (TAR.GZ, 683 KB) Unix (TAR.GZ, 307 KB)
A4 (DOC, 56 KB) Windows (ZIP, 700 KB) Windows (ZIP, 309 KB)
*Access IEEEtranLaTeX Class (template) V1.8 packages and IEEEtran V1.12